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Beginning Summer 2019, Blackboard will no longer be available for teaching. The last academic courses taught in Blackboard will be Spring 2019. Instructors not yet teaching in Canvas should complete the “Get Started Today” form to gain access to a demo course, training materials, and relevant communications.

Not teaching a course in Spring 2019? Complete the form above to prepare to use Canvas in Summer/Fall 2019.

WashU MyCanvas

Access WashU MyCanvas if you aren’t in the MD Program or MAGEEP.

WashU MyCanvas is supported by each of the schools. Refer to the list of School and Department Canvas Administrators for details.


MD Program Canvas

Access MD Program courses via MD Program Canvas. The MD Program at Washington University School of Medicine is educating the doctors of tomorrow.

MD Program Canvas is supported by the Office of Medical Student Education Educational Technology & Innovation Unit. Contact OMSEedtech@wustl.edu.


Access continuing education and professional development programs via MAGEEP Canvas. Offerings include Aerosol & Air Quality, Energy, Environment, Management, Sustainability, and Water.

MAGEEP Canvas is supported via the MAGEEP Education Network. Click the Help button in Canvas for support. For additional help, contact kcole@wustl.edu.