Turnitin is an online academic integrity tool backed by an extensive database that compares student submissions against other student submissions, publications, online information, and more. Washington University in St. Louis provides Turnitin for use via the Canvas learning management system.

If you have questions about using Turnitin in Canvas:

  • Use the Help button in Canvas for 24/7 support.
  • Using Turnitin with Canvas – guides instructors through using Turnitin with Canvas, including Assignment Setup, Insights, and the Similarity Report.

Turnitin offers several tools for students and instructors.  Turnitin’s support guides are geared toward Students, Instructors, and Admins. The guides are broken out by the following subjects:

Academic Integrity:

Exam Integrity:

  • ExamSoft (licensed by specific WashU programs; contact your school-level admin) – a software platform that provides exam functionality and security for tests.

Helpful Information Regarding Syllabi and Turnitin: 

Additional Resources: