From time to time, you might ask the question, “Why doesn’t Canvas do this?” Often, if you talk with Canvas 24/7 Support or search the Canvas Community and Guides, you’ll find out Canvas actually does, and how you can do it. Other times, however, Canvas might not yet do what you’re looking to accomplish. In this case, you might want to vote for a similar request already submitted by a Community member or submit a new idea for a feature request.

Instructure, the maker of Canvas, welcomes ideas from participants of the Canvas Community and routinely incorporates submitted ideas into the company’s product development plan. Ideas may be submitted by instructors, system administrators, and educational leaders like you. Submitted ideas are cataloged and openly shared in the Canvas Community, where all participants may view and vote for them. By voting for an idea, you show Canvas your support for incorporating an idea into the LMS.

To create a new feature idea, you must be logged in to your Canvas Community account.

To learn more about the feature idea and development process, read:

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