Egrades menuCanvas EGrades Menu Option Disabled

In order to provide instructors more control over gradebook data and fully utilize the power and flexibility of the Canvas Gradebook, WashU MyCanvas is moving to a Canvas Gradebook Export-based approach. In conjunction with this change, the Canvas-EGrades integration previously found on Canvas Course navigation menus has been disabled.

The export-based approach will allow instructors to calculate their courses’ final grades using the wider variety of data available via the Canvas Gradebook Export. A replacement Canvas EGrades integration that acknowledges the variety of possible Gradebook data is under analysis.

The disabling of Canvas EGrades is effective immediately. The “EGrades” menu option in Canvas will remain disabled until a solution that reflects the expectations and functionality of the Canvas Gradebook is implemented. This change only involves the EGrades menu option within Canvas. EGrades itself is not impacted, nor is the import/export function within EGrades.

To read more on how to export grades from Canvas, refer to the document “How do I export grades from the Gradebook.”

If you would like to import grades to EGrades (not via the option within Canvas), refer to the WebFAC Help wiki, and follow the steps in the section titled “Using Canvas.”

If you would prefer not to import grades into EGrades, you can still export the Canvas Gradebook for your own grading purposes and manually input grades into EGrades.

In conjunction with 2019 updates to the Canvas Gradebook, this change will allow instructors to use the Canvas Gradebook to the fullest extent and expands how the Gradebook may be utilized across the University.

Blackboard Retired December 31, 2019

As of December 31, 2019 faculty, students, and staff are no longer be able to log in to Blackboard. If you need to access past Blackboard courses, you must contact your School Canvas Administrator to submit a request. Requests will be managed on a case-by-case basis. Allow up to 3 business days for processing.

For detailed information and FAQ about the Blackboard retirement  visit Hello Canvas.

Two Factor Authentication

As of November 28, 2018, all students are required to enroll in 2FA (two factor authentication) for all WUSTL key enabled applications. If you have not enrolled, visit the Information Technology website for step-by step directions.