Canvas Webinars

Canvas Webinars are one-hour, real-time sessions presented directly by Instructure, the makers of Canvas, at a variety of dates and times. Canvas Webinars are offered free of charge to WashU participants through a subscription sponsored by WashU.

Demo Courses and “Welcome to Canvas”

Request a Demo course to help you get started. A Demo course serves as a “sandbox,” a place where you can give Canvas a try and experiment with features of the LMS.When you request a Demo course, you will receive access to the “Welcome to Canvas” course in the Canvas LMS. This course is an online repository of videos and learning resources that will introduce you to Canvas. The course covers topics such as

  • how to organize course content using modules.
  • using pages to store content.
  • how to upload files.
  • how to customize your course home page.

You may review the materials at you own pace and refer to them at your convenience.

Additional Resources