Use Zoom for real-time video conferencing with students as well as break-out rooms.

Zoom is a simple and powerful video conferencing solution compatible with all major platforms that makes it a primary choice for web conferencing and recording. 

Zoom can be used within Canvas (utilizing course roster information) or independent of Canvas.

Washington University in St. Louis has two versions of the Zoom-Canvas integration that appear in your Canvas course navigation menu: “Zoom” and “Zoom (HIPAA)

Meeting hosts will only be able to launch Zoom from one link or the other, although attendees are free to attend meetings from either link. The “Zoom (HIPAA)” link is primarily intended for School of Medicine employees, but some others may also be required to use this link to host a meeting. If you’re unsure which link to try, please try the “Zoom” link first. If you get a “User not found” error, then shift to the “Zoom (HIPAA)” link.

All online courses are automatically created in Canvas each semester. But, it’s the faculty member’s responsibility to add a syllabus, content, structure, etc. Schools offer varying levels of support as well as resources to help you. 

Zoom Resources